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Private Cloud Backed By Exceptional Service

Get superior performance, security, and flexibility in your IT.

Custom, Scalable, & Affordable Private Cloud

High Availability

Robust N+1 cluster architecture helps enable maximum uptime.

On-demand Scalability

Easily reallocate resources based on rapidly changing requirements.

Hosting Value

Feature-rich design, combined with rich Managed Service offerings.

Private Cloud Support Services

We are here to help you succeed. Our broad range of technical services enable you to get expert support when you need it.

Basic (Included)

  • Superior customer-oriented service with 24x7x365 phone and email support
  • Provisioning assistance
  • Systems availability monitoring
  • Infrastructure Incident, Problem, and Change Notification

Managed Support

  • Virtual Server OS Support
  • Full OS level monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • Managed Security
  • Managed Data Protection

Private Cloud

E2 Services offers two state-of-the-art Data Centers. We can re-locate customer equipment to one of our locations or give customers the ability to use our equipment. Our facilities are rated by the Uptime Institute as Tier III Data Centers providing 99.99% availability.  This offers security, dual-powered equipment and multiple Internet carrier uplinks.  Because our locations are located on separate power grids, we provide a full service Disaster Recovery (DR) environment.

Our Private Cloud is backed by VMWare technology to make resource management fast and easy – delivering the control and flexibility needed to support a broad range of applications and workloads.

E2 Services provides two variations of Private Cloud:

Dedicated Private Cloud – An environment is built from dedicated compute and storage systems. This solution is for medium to large environments or those that desire physical separation of compute and storage resources from other entities. With this variation, the compute and storage platforms can be customized to the customer’s requirements.

Shared Private Cloud – You still have a private environment, but that environment resides on shared compute and shared storage.  This solution is typically used for smaller environments.  While there are various tiers available, there is no means to provide anything other than the storage and compute tiers provided.

Example Deployments

Our Private Cloud can be configured to support a broad range of business requirements. Common use cases include Dev & Test, Application Deployment, and Centralized systems for a geographically distributed organization.

Efficient Development/Test Environment
Development and Test environments can be efficiently created by using storage snapshots to present identical isolated environments that fully mirror production.
Multi-Tier Application Deployment


Each customer environment is provisioned with a dedicated firewall to enable a dynamic security environment to allow for multiple security zones.  This provides the necessary security to successfully deploy Multi-Tier Applications utilizing security best-practices.

Centralized IT


Through the use of traditional VPN technology, remote sites can all securely utilize the cloud resources as if they were all located within the same facility.  When users are on the road, they can access resources transparently through a multitude of connectivity options, all taking advantage of the high-speed transport the cloud offers.

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