Managed IT Services


E2 Services is a leader in the Managed IT Services arena.  As a member of the MSP Alliance, E2 Services is proud to be one of 400 members who have achieved accreditation worldwide.  That places E2 in the top 3% of the managed IT service providers within the MSP Alliance’s 15,000 members.  This process is conducted by an accrediting body that reviews processes, security, and service offerings that meet industry standards in IT managed services.  This accreditation is reviewed on an annual basis.

E2 Services provides the following for our managed services customers:

Active Management

Near Real time Notifications of error and warning conditions.

State of the Art Monitoring

In addition to errors and warning conditions, performance statistics are tracked so you have accurate information when you need it.

Onsite and Remote Support

If we can resolve an issue remotely, we will.  If that is not possible we will be at your door any time of day or night with our 24/7 coverage.

24/7 Help Desk

You’ll never be without support again – even in the middle of the night.

Virtual CIO

As your trusted advisor, we have our most senior staff making recommendations on your existing and future needs.  In addition we are there to answer all of your questions.

Monthly Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance and updates of all covered systems (firmware, patches, and fixes) are scheduled at your convenience.

Monthly Reports include:

– Historical Statistics used for Capacity Planning and Trending Analysis
– Performance Analysis
– Backup Logs
– Remediation Reports
– Security Audit Reports