Meet Our Executive Team


Sheryl Eakin

Since co-founding E2 Services in 2000, Sheryl Eakin provided the vision and leadership of E2’s business-to-business offerings. Previously she managed a department of IT personnel at a consulting firm. While at that firm, she observed that the overall industry was lacking comprehensive technology solutions that bridge the gap between a company’s business objectives and technology.

Providing E2’s clients with technology planning, implementation, and ongoing system support through a single partner not only provides a comprehensive solution but also provides it at a fixed cost. This allows clients the ability to budget the full range of their technical needs with pinpoint accuracy.

This approach was a relatively new concept in the early 2000’s, however, by the mid-2000’s it became known in the industry as “Managed Services”. Through her vision and leadership, Sheryl was able to forecast the need long before “Managed Services” was a buzzword in the industry.

Sheryl also laid the vision for E2’s internal and customer data to be housed in Tier 3+ datacenters that later positioned the company to be well prepared when the industry began its shift to Cloud Services.

Through her vision and leadership, she positioned E2 Services to be on the forefront of industry advances rather than playing catch up. Sheryl holds a degree from DeVry University in Computer Science with an emphasis on Business Management, Computer Programming and Telecommunications.

Scott Eakin

Scott Eakin is the design architect for E2’s network solutions and the technical leader of the organization.  He has unparallelled expertise in Microsoft Solutions, VMWare, SonicWALL, Cisco, Aruba Networks, and HP products.  Scott served as a vice president of a local consulting firm before establishing E2.  He also was a Division Manager of Internal Systems at RR Donnelley.  Scott holds a degree from Northern Illinois University in Computer Science with an emphasis on Multiple Virtual Storage OS programming and management.


Josette Songco
Vice President Business Operations

Josette brings over 40 years of project, process and entrepreneur business management to her operations leadership role at E2 Services.

Currently Josette manages development and improvement of end-to-end business processes to support E2’s current and future objectives. Experience in situation analysis, problem-solving in deadline-intense environments, strategic trend forecasting, cross-function communications and organization change implementation make Josette an active contributor to solutions that optimize E2’s achievement of business goals. In addition, she manages and/or takes the lead role in E2 special projects.

Josette spent the first decade of her career in national retail marketing and buying for a Fortune 500 company. She then began a marketing firm that served national retail and manufacturing clients, as well as, Chicago-area non-profits for the next 30 years. Josette joined the E2 team in 2013.