Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing describes the delivery of IT services based on computing requirements to end users.  This is billed on a monthly basis and charged based on services used, such as computing power, Storage, and RAM.

E2 Services offers the E2 Cloud as a cost-effective, easy to use technology alternative.  We have 4 core Cloud services that we offer; Servers, Storage, Applications, and Infrastructure.

Our Cloud Servers are customized to fit your needs.  You choose the RAM, CPU, and Storage that you need and you are billed on a monthly basis based on your configuration.   As an added option we also have the ability to bundle our world-class monitoring and systems management services on any of your mission-critical Cloud Servers.

Our Cloud Storage solution allows for backups as well as Disaster Recovery if desired.  We have 2 Datacenters which allow our users the ability to replicate between the sites.  Backup solutions not only allow for backups of systems within our cloud, but also for online backups of data outside the Cloud.

We also have the ability to host a cloud-based application.  Our Cloud-based application expertise includes:

– Microsoft SQL Server
– Microsoft SharePoint
– Microsoft Exchange

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is a model where the entire IT infrastructure is cloud-based.  This includes Servers, Storage, and Network components.  Like all cloud services, customers then pay monthly based on the infrastructure.