Case Study: Wireless Access Management for Education

A district with two sites in Lake County had an existing wireless installation with too many SSIDs and they had no solution for dealing with guest wireless users. They also needed a robust, redundant way to authenticate users who wanted to access the wireless network.

The district decided to purchase new, larger wireless controllers and Aruba Networks’ ClearPass Policy Manager and Guest solution. They enlisted the expertise of E2 Services to install and configure the two new wireless controllers from scratch, install and configure ClearPass, and optimize their existing AirWave wireless monitoring server.


Using the ClearPass Policy Manager, E2 Services was able to reduce the number of SSIDs to two: one secure and one guest. District owned devices operated by a student would get a different set of access rules than a device operated by a staff member. Devices brought from home by both students and staff would get a different set of access rules entirely and were subject to bandwidth restrictions. This allowed the district to monitor and identify device access to their network.

E2 Services also provided a user-friendly guest wireless network that was easy to manage using ClearPass Guest. A captive portal page was customized to the district’s design specifications. This provided controlled access and authorization both during school hours and after.

The district’s AirWave server was optimized by E2 Services to better monitor daily wireless usage as well as track historical data. This was accomplished by updating AirWave to the latest version and re-adding all of the wireless equipment.

Solution Overview

Industry: Education

Solution: Implementation of ClearPass Policy Manager and ClearPass Guest to manage user authentication and optimization of wireless settings and AirWave to satisfy district requirements.

Benefits: Allows district to better manage both internal and guest user authentication on their wireless network, simplifying the network by reducing the number of SSIDs used, and allowing the district to better monitor wireless usage and trends over time.

Technology used: Aruba Networks ClearPass Policy Manager and Guest, Aruba Networks AirWave, and Aruba Networks 7210 controllers.

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