Case Study: Network Solutions

A district with four sites in southern Cook county wanted to replace their older 10/100 switch infrastructure with a solution that was state-of-the-art and would last for six to ten years.  The solution had to provide for the technologies currently known such as IP-TV, VoIP, IP cameras, and mass desktop imaging as well as any foreseeable future bandwidth needs the district may encounter.

The district had a limited budget for the project and needed the ongoing maintenance & management to be low-cost as well.

10 Gigabit Network Backbone

E2 Services recommended that the district implement the HP ProCurve line of products that support 10 Gigabit fiber uplinks and 1000/100/10 Mbs to the desktops.  The 5400zl series was selected for the core of each building and the 3500yl series for edge switches.

These switches were recommended and implemented due to their robust history and their default Power-over-Ethernet configuration.  This will allow the district to implement future VoIP and Wireless solutions without having to replace or augment their switching infrastructure.  Additionally, due to the distances between the MDF and IDFs within the buildings, the existing 100-FX multimode fiber connections were utilized, eliminating the costs of replacing the fiber runs.

HP ProCurve manager was installed at the district offices to manage and monitor the entire network environment allowing district personnel to quickly find areas of abnormal utilization, maintain ongoing copies of the configuration of each device, and easily implement system-wide changes to their switching infrastructure.

The E2 Services solution provides the district with:

– An economical high-bandwidth solution
– Expandable systems management
– A platform that can take advantage of security related technologies (NAC, 802.1X, Identity Driven Access, etc)
– A platform that has a lifetime warranty without the need for annual service contracts.

Solution Overview

Industry: Education

Solution: Implementation of high capacity internal bandwidth to satisfy district needs for up to 6 years.

– Expandability
– Future-proof
– Manageability
– Lifetime warranty

Technology Used:
– HP ProCurve
– HP ProCurve Manager

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